Leadership Coach Susan Rucker Shares Her Triumphs on ‘Break Through With Lisa Nichols!’

Seasoned business and leadership coach Susan Rucker shared her story of triumph on ‘Break Through With Lisa Nichols!’, showcasing her decades of experience and transformative impact on individuals and organizations.

In a recent episode of the television show ‘Break Through With Lisa Nichols!’, Susan Rucker, a business and leadership coach with a rich 30-year professional tapestry, unfolded her journey of personal and professional victories. The show, emanating from Beverly Hills, California, offers a platform to global guests for sharing their business breakthroughs and success narratives.

Decades of Leadership and Operational Expertise
Susan’s extensive experience in operational and HR roles, where she managed portfolios involving over 4,500 employees and exceeding $1 billion in revenue, takes center stage. Her leadership coaching, emphasizing the critical values of authenticity, integrity, and resilience, has guided countless leaders. Susan’s track record of boosting employee engagement and retention underlines her proficiency in the business landscape.

Revolutionizing Organizations with Innovative Programs
Over the years, Susan has developed novel programs and processes that have not only saved organizations millions of dollars but also significantly increased their earnings. As a certified partner of Wiley for facilitating and providing solutions with DiSC® and The Five Behaviors®, Susan’s ability to foster high-performing collaborative teams is noteworthy. Her work in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) has played a cardinal role in shaping inclusive workplace cultures, thereby enhancing team performance.

Susan Rucker: The People Whisperer
Through her company, Impactful Strategies LLC, Susan delivers powerful motivational speaking, insightful consulting, and effective leadership coaching. Her collaboration with Jack Canfield on the best-selling book, ‘The Keys to Authenticity,’ further underscores her expertise. Known as ‘The People Whisperer,’ Susan’s forte lies in forging connections with individuals and organizations and catalyzing transformative results.

The ‘Break Through With Lisa Nichols!’ show, hosted by Lisa Nichols, is committed to inspiring its viewers by spotlighting the accomplishments of notable business mavens and their pathways to success. The episode featuring Susan Rucker exemplifies this commitment, illuminating her journey of triumphs in the business realm.