About Our Founder

Susan Rucker
With 30 years of experience in Operations and HR across numerous industries (nationally and internationally), Susan Rucker coaches businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Her superpower is moving people into action which helps them FINALLY achieve unsurpassed results after other coaches and trainers have tried and failed. She does this by employing her own simple but high-impact coaching methods that align strategies and goals.
Well-known for being a “people whisperer,” she is highly successful in getting people to achieve DRAMATIC movement in themselves, their teams, and in their relationships. Her business clients have saved millions and made millions. Her individual clients have skyrocketed their skills and skyrocketed their incomes.
Susan Rucker quickly and insightfully assesses where the breakdowns are in communications and implements a custom action plan that delivers tremendous (often record-breaking) results.
If you want results FASTER, if you want less turnover, strong team performance, and higher profits, set up a strategy session with Susan Rucker TODAY.

“Meeting people where they are is key – then, through breakthrough communication and empowerment tactics, as well as targeted skill building, I can deliver powerful results. I QUICKLY flip teams, upskill individuals, and move a company’s needle to the next level.”

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