Susan Rucker talks about the 3 Keys to Powerful, Authentic Connections as the Keynote Speaker at the FirstService Residential’s Event, May 9th.

3 Keys to Powerful, Authentic Connections

What do you see when you look at Susan Rucker, SPHR, author, speaker and founder of Impactful Strategies?

Sure, she brings 30 years of experience coaching businesses in Operations and HR. Yes, she’s well-known for being a “people whisperer,” and is highly successful in getting people to achieve DRAMATIC movement in themselves, their teams, and in their relationships.

...But that's just the start.

Susan will take us through the incredible story of her childhood, finding her family and her voice, and how that shaped her into being an advocate for authenticity, intentionality and showing up for others.
Connect more powerfully & authentically, both personally and professionally!
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