To RISE UP! requires focused determination and resolve. This book reminds us of the Phoenix, the golden bird that rose from the ashes in Greek and Egyptian mythology and was a symbol of renewal and rebirth. The authors in this book share their life-changing stories which allowed them to overcome extraordinary hardships and challenges and start again.

The success you wished for and worked towards in your life may be hampered by your background, job, a relative or any situation in which you feel trapped. Transformation comes with a change in mindset along with a heavy dose of perseverance, not to mention sacrifice and commitment.

To change your life and Rise UP! you need a deep and realistic understanding of your predicament, and an even greater determination to improve your life for yourself and your family, where relevant. Human resilience is astounding. Rise UP! is not just a collection of stories; it is a source of motivatio for individuals navigating their own trials. What better mentors than those who have been through the fire? …and most important of all, the underpinning element of change is action.
Simply put, the word ‘authentic’ is synonymous with genuine. The world craves authenticity and we all gravitate to that ideal. Interestingly, the achievement of an authentic personality is affected by environmental and cultural experiences. Like success, authenticity is subjective, and each of us moves towards that goal in different ways.

Even though we develop and mature in a myriad of ways, most people aspire to be genuine. This desire generates the trust that powers society, and accomplishing authenticity is an ongoing process. There have been numerous thoughts expressed lauding authenticity. In the same manner, the authors in this book have developed their own approach that worked for them and which they advocate to help you.

As the title “Keys to Authenticity” suggests, the Celebrity Experts herein write on the subject from different angles, any of which we can add to our repertoire in pursuing success in our field of choice. Flashes of understanding, satisfaction and light come over us in moments of success, but lasting success will invariably follow authenticity.

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