Susan Rucker Featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX Network Affiliates as a Guest on Break Through With Lisa Nichols!

30-year Business and Leadership Coach, Susan Rucker was recently a featured guest on Break Through With Lisa Nichols! The show, which was filmed in Beverly Hills, California by an Emmy Award winning crew, includes guests from around the world who shared their stories of personal triumph.
“I’m excited about the ‘Break Through with Lisa Nichols!’ TV show, and what it means for so many people,” said Lisa Nichols, the show’s host. “With every interview, television has helped me touch more people, and build more impact. Now, I hope to be that catapult for others, showcasing and celebrating the breakthroughs of the inspiring entrepreneurs I had the privilege of interviewing.”
Break Through With Lisa Nichols! features premiere business experts whose interviews are focused on how they broke through in today’s business world, and their success that will inspire others.

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